Pandora Silver Beads have orders to inform the passengers »

 Pandora Silver Beads have orders to inform the passengers


Kingfisher fliers see bad times Kingfisher fliers see bad times Accept, including, sumit jain, a pr special, who had booked for airfare tickets to guwahati via kolkota for november 15.When news spread like a wild fire that kingfisher airlines is in a bad shape, he was concerned.He as soon as possible called them to check his flight status.The airlines staff informed jain that he will be put on a different flight on a single day.Jain was livid.Had he not referred to as airlines, he may have some missed the flight and lost the fare. I asked them why i was not informed of the progres in schedule, they told me they Pandora Silver Beads have orders to inform the passengers 24 hours in advance in case of changes or cancellation, he explained. Jain had bought the tickets a few months earlier so that he won't have to pay extra charges.Case the flight is terminated, i must pay three times more to book another Pandora Jewellery flight, he was quoted saying. Several others shared jain statements.With cancellation in excess of 40 flights and 160 scheduled flights not operating since monday, passengers certainly are getting worried since they would lose out on both money and time, not to mention the emotional trauma they are dealing with. With the stocks of the airline plunging down to an all-Time low of 19.1% in early trading on the Bombay stock market to a record low before recovering to 9.45%, Nobody wants to take the risk of ticket deals on Pandora Bracelets in advance in Kingfisher Airlines.


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